Dear Friends of Crozet,

Daniel Neumeister was a man of many passions. A local winemaker, motorcyclist, avid long boarder and all-around visionary, he left a lasting impact on most everyone he met. He loved what he did and cherished where he lived.

While skating around Crozet, Dan imagined a place where kids and adults alike could skate and play–a place to be adventuresome but safe. “SK8CROZET” was Dan’s pipe dream (pun intended). The logo, found tucked away in a top dresser drawer after Dan’s death, was inspired by Dan’s dream.

To remember, celebrate and honor our husband, son and brother, we wish to initiate a fundraising campaign to establish multi-use trails in the Crozet Community. Beginning with a perimeter trail around Crozet Park with aspirations to connect the Park to the future Crozet Connector Trail and other neighborhood trails (see included maps), we are dedicated to seeing Dan’s vision of SK8CROZET come to life.

The proposed trail system will allow community members to travel safely throughout Crozet, including to schools and surrounding neighborhoods. It will offer a balance of convenience, safety and activity, benefiting the whole community.

Won’t you join us in honoring Dan’s dream to establish a place to walk, bike, run, skate and play..… SK8CROZET!

The Family of Daniel Mark Neumeister
November 17, 1978 – October 4, 2010

Dan Neumeister