The SK8CROZET trails project will be divided into phases: Phase 1 will provide an 8-foot-wide paved trail around the perimeter of Claudius Crozet Park that will serve as the epicenter for the Crozet Connector Trail and Greenway network. The perimeter trail will be about 1 mile in length and will be used by walkers, runners, cyclists, skateboarders, in-line skaters, and more. Phase 2 will focus on paving the pedestrian trails that connect to the Park and to nearby neighborhoods. These trails are shown in the Albemarle County Comprehensive Plan (and as “Open Public Trails” on the Crozet Trail System map).



Project Summary

The SK8CROZET trails system will be largely synonymous with the Crozet Greenway system, currently being implemented in phases by Albemarle County Parks and Recreation and local volunteers. The trails are initially cleared and constructed as either rustic footpaths or wide grass strips, the latter being concurrent with local utility corridors. These trails, which are shown in the Crozet Master Plan, are being implemented in stages as the parcels are developed or as trail easements are granted to the County from land owners.

As contiguous trail segments are added to the Crozet Greenway system, the County, SK8CROZET, and volunteer groups will decide if they should also be added to the paved, multi-use SK8CROZET trail system. Connecting neighborhoods and commercial areas with paved trails will allow not only unpaved trail use to traverse the communty, but will also allow strollers, in-line skaters, road cyclists, skaters/longboarders and more to connect Crozet as well.

Phase 1 of the SK8CROZET trail project will be the perimeter trail at Claudius Crozet Park. This trail has been shown in the Park master plan since at least 2008. The Park Perimeter Trail will provide a unique recreational facility for longboarders, cyclists, runners, walkers, strollers and more in the heart of the Crozet Community.

In addition to the perimeter trail at Crozet Park, there is a plan to design and install three “pull-off” areas that will feature skateable sculptures that double as benches, play structures, and three-dimensional art pieces. Depending on the construction and materials, these skate-sculptures may be candidates for community art projects, similar to the Hokie Birds in Blacksburg, VA and the Winged Horses on the Outer Banks, NC.

The Claudius Crozet Park site is primarily level terrain and it is anticipated that American with Disabilities Act (ADA) design guidelines will be applied to the entire perimeter trail. The 8-ft. wide trail will allow a painted stripe for two-way traffic that will accommodate skateboards, bikes, and strollers. The generous width and asphalt surface will provide a recreational facility, serving a wide variety of non-motorized users of varying ability. The Claudius Crozet Park trail segment will be immediately available to hundreds of users each day and will serve as an anchor trail to connect with the future Greenway Trails as shown in the Albemarle County Comprehensive Plan.

Project Needs

Phase 1: 5,430 linear feet of new asphalt trail, including associated grading, drainage structures, and planting.
Phase 2: Approx. 5,800 additional feet of paved paths near Crozet Park.

Project Costs

Phase 1 estimated project cost: $198,000
Phase 2 estimated project cost: $200,000